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Fibromyalgia Information (FAQ)

Fibromyalgia is by any measure a complex syndrome. As I have written (and continue to write) the many articles in the website, I work to answer any question that you might have, and I feel confident that the answers are here. Some of these are also answered on the facebook postings, in videos, in the blog or informational graphics we provide.

We still have more to cover and convey, so I thank you for being here. What we provide here at Living Smarter comes not only from experience over many years but also the latest science into fibromyalgia, co-conditions and chronic pain. Working as a practitioner/trainer and living with fibromyalgia for over four decades, this is what I do. 

These FAQs are based on questions I most often receive through the website and on my two Facebook Pages which together represent a community of over 325,000 followers.
Lisa (FG)

Fibromyalgia Information
(Frequently Asked Questions)

~ What are the primary symptoms in Fibromyalgia?
Many fibro websites focus on the primary symptoms of fibromyalgia. They include widespread pain, fatigue, sleep disorders, fibro-fog, and morning stiffness. However, there are many more symptoms and, importantly, not all fibro people suffer with the same symptoms.

For this reason I have provided an extended symptoms list with each symptom being a link to a treatment protocol, and secondary symptoms detailed within each symptom link as well. I want to also extend a caution to attributing every symptom to fibromyalgia, that can be dangerous. Yes, fibro is complex and affects multiple systems, but we must not miss other conditions. 

~ Is Fibromyalgia approved for disability? Inside and/or outside the U.S.A?
Fibromyalgia is now offically approved for disability benefits in the United States. I have provided the USA's Social Security Administration's own words as guidance for those considering applying for disability benefits.

Since I have readers from over 50-countries, it would be impossible to follow each of those countries disability claims and allowances, but the information supplied here can be of benefit to anyone seeking guidance on SSI or disability. 

~ What is a fibromyalgia flare and how long does it generally last?
Fibromyalgia Flare 

~ Is the heart muscle affected in fibromyalgia?
The Heart Muscle and Fibromyalgia

~ Is Fibromyalgia inflammatory?

Fibro and inflammation factors 

~ What can I do about pain in the hip flexors? 

Fibromyalgia and Hip Flexors 

~ Do men get fibromyalgia? 
Yes, you can read more here about men and fibromyalgia

~ How is the nervous system connected in fibromyalgia? 
I like to say that symptoms often originate in the nervous system and branch out to other areas of the body, The Nervous System in Fibromyalgia. 

~ Does Fibromyalgia affect the lower extremities? Why do my legs hurt so much?

~ Is it normal to have skin irritations or itching with fibro?
Although itching, rashes or skin irritations are not primary symptoms, this can occur with anything from food allergies like gluten to Candidiasis. Sensitive skin can also be a result of allodynia.  
Skin conditions in fibromyalgia patients
Candida and Fibromyalgia 
Allodynia and Fibromyalgia

~ Is it normal to lose muscle strength with fibromyalgia? How can I avoid this? What about muscle spasms?

These are extremely important questions for any person with fibro; they must be dealt with for any fibro person to have more good days than bad!
fibromyalgia and muscle spasms

~ Why do my symptoms seem to get worse during my period? Does menopause increase fibro symptoms?

~ Is nerve pain common with fibromyalgia?
Nerve Pain

~ Is there one particular diet for fibromyalgia?
No, there is not ONE best diet. Start with "Is there a Best Diet For Fibromyalgia" and note the list of recommendations and nutrition tips. 

~ How do I manage symptoms when they can be so unpredictable?
fibromyalgia symptoms

~ How can I explain the difference between fibromyalgia and other pain disorders to my family and friends?
fibromyalgia-pain AND 
what is fibromyalgia 

~ How do I know if I have the co-condition of CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)?

~ How can I safely exercise with CFS/ME and avoid post exercise malaise?

~ Is fibromyalgia hereditary?
epigenetics inheiritance

~ Can you suggest a multi vitamin that is safe for a sensitive stomach?
Yes. Follow this link and scroll down to "The Best Multivitamin"


~ “Lisa, do you have fibro?” Yes, you can read more about my experience living with FMS/CFS/ME and MCS.

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