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Fibromyalgia Nutrition:
Juicing For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia nutrition is enhanced by both Juicing and Blending; but, the two are different and both serve their specific purpose in assimilation of essential nutrients. 

Juicing facilitates fibromyalgia nutrition more quickly into cells, and is great when people are very nutrient deficient, are feeling toxic and weighed down, or when experiencing an IBS flare. 

Blending allows us to incorporate many different nutrients and the RIGHT forms of fiber. Not fiber from a container that actually depletes nutrients. 

As a colon therapist, I have worked with various digestive illnesses, and that is where vegetable juicing is going to be preferred over blending in some cases.

Also, there are some nutritious substances that are not always tolerated through blending or eating raw, yet can be more easily tolerated when juiced instead.

I recommend BOTH juicing and blending.  

What about protein while juice fasting?
AS women, we don't need as much protein, and too much protein can be dangerous for the kidneys. We want just enough for strength and muscle health in forms that are easy to assimilate. Men too really. 

Blending and/or juicing do not need to be done every day to be effective. That is not feasible for most people. 

Although, as we become more efficient, we will want to make this more of a weekly practice which is a lifestyle that supports our well-being and energy levels. 

Consider the following suggestions and make juicing / blending part of your weekly schedule. PLEASE NOTE: The first half of this article details JUICING while the second half details BLENDING. 

Also, you can learn more about my suggestions for your diet for fibromyalgia and its co-conditions at best diet for fibromyalgia.

Juicing For Fibromyalgia Nutrition

As an avid juicer for over 30 years now, I still sing the praises of "healthy" juices made at home. I share many tips and suggestions throughout this article, and you will see I use a lot of organic celery as well, but if you cannot get organic celery on a regular basis, then Koyah celery powder is a great choice.

If you don’t have or cannot afford a juicer at this time and you want/need to be juicing, make it a priority. Juicing for fibromyalgia is the optimal way to get raw, live nutrients, minerals and enzymes into the body and bloodstream.

This is the BEST infusion for fibromyalgia nutrition we can give ourselves, especially when sick or deficient.  

Focus on organic vegetables and greens when juicing. Fruit is not the best option, especially with hypoglycemia or any blood sugar issues.

An exception to the rule is green apple which mixes well with vegetables and is low glycemic. I share some very good vegetable juice recipes so you won’t miss the fruit. Some are so good, you would think there is fruit of some kind in there!!

Now, because some greens contain goitrogens or oxalates, it is good to go slow if you have any thyroid or kidney issues.

Yet, please understand that there is a lot of misinformation out there and juicing organic vegetables is still one of the best things we can do for a healthy body and fibromyalgia nutrition.

This is especially true considering the world we live in and the toxins we are exposed to every day.

Parsley should be taken in small amounts as it is high in oxalates.  Use organic vegetables when possible; however, if using conventional, at least wash with vinegar and baking soda or hydrogen peroxide.

Using a large bowl in the sink is helpful. Avoid cilantro if you have mercury amalgams or are doing any kind of chelation of heavy metals, as it can move metals around the body. 

You may not be able to juice every day and for some that is not practical. Just incorporate juicing for fibromyalgia nutrition into your weekly schedule. It is part of healthy, natural healing.

To create better assimilation of nutrients, I always chew some of whatever I am juicing while making the juice. For example, set aside some greens, pieces of carrot, fennel, etc. and chew well to activate digestion; just a small amount is fine. Taking in juice needs to be done slowly as well, even ‘chewing’ the juice to further activate digestive fire and assimilate fibromyalgia nutrition. Avoid drinking the juice too fast.

In addition, having a small amount of raw fat (a teaspoon is fine) such as olive oil, coconut oil, flax oil or avocado before OR with your juice will help to better assimilate juice nutrients. 

Juicing for fibromyalgia nutrition can be done anytime, however, "fasting with juice" is another idea only for those who are practiced in juicing. Juice fasting is good starting in small increments.

We don’t want to set ourselves up to fail by trying to fast with juice for too long at one time. Start with 4 hours, then 8 hours, then a full day or weekend. And also eat raw foods during that time if needed, to avoid detoxing too fast or losing resolve or motivation.


Watermelon juice by itself is a great kidney/bladder cleanser, yet only when taken alone and candida symptoms are not present. (Juice the seeds as well for greater cleansing action)

Remember that the very best way for ongoing detox is through daily lifestyle. A juicing detox, fast, or other means of cleansing can fall short if we have not created a lifestyle to support our efforts. Eliminating food allergens, reducing stress and residing in a nontoxic environment are all essential.

Get started juicing for fibromyalgia nutrition today; just be sure to make it count.

My favorite juicer is shown under Fibro kitchen tools. The Omega stainless steel juices everything well, has a 10 yr. warranty, and is an excellent choice in juicers. However, there are a few other good ones which are lower cost and which I also show on the Fibro Kitchen Tools page.

Juicing For Fibromyalgia Nutrition Recipes

My favorite organic juice combination ..lacinato kale, celery, carrot, green apple, ginger rootFibro-Girl's Favorite Ingredients

My Favorite Ingredients/Juicing For Fibromyalgia Nutrition

My favorite organic juice combination: lacinato kale, celery, carrot, green apple, ginger root.  The chlorophyll, minerals, calcium, and ginger root are great for healing inflammation in the body and so essential for fibromyalgia nutrition.

A basic combination of juice ingredients looks like this:
25% greens
25% celery 
25 % carrot
25% green apple, ginger root, garlic, parsley ...

Cleansing with chlorophyll juiceCleansing With Chlorophyll

Cleansing with chlorophyll juice :

2 cucumbers (always have a neutral base), 4 ribs of celery, 2 leaves lacinato kale OR 1 cup spinach. 
1 small handful of wheatgrass, a few sprigs of cilantro OR parsely, 1 green apple, 1/2 inch pc. ginger root.
Use organic when possible.

Fennel....A great digestive herbFennel: A Digestive Herb

Got Fennel ?
Yes, fennel is an excellent addition for better digestion. 

It's a great digestive herb. I make a tea from bulk herbs with extra fennel and have this during my travels.

It supports digestion, relieves that gassy feeling you can get especially while traveling and has a pleasant taste. Mix with anise, rosemary, etc...any other herbs for your specific needs.

The plant can also be juiced, and is an excellent addition to any vegetable juice.  Look for it next time you are at the market.

Celery helps to remove excess androgens from the body as well as giving a great supply of minerals.Juicing With Celery

Juicing For Fibromyalgia Nutrition With Celery

While on the subject of juicing, organic celery is an essential addition to vegetable juices. 
Celery helps to remove excess androgens from the body as well as giving a great supply of minerals.

I was at a juice bar many years ago while traveling and the lady in front of me said " no celery, it's too high in sodium" regarding her juice selection.  She had no clue that celery may have been exactly what she needed to balance hormones and help the body to RELEASE excess water and toxins.

My juice today: All organic celery, spinach, romaine hearts, carrot, green apple and ginger root. Lacinato kale is another favorite of mine.

Grannys....High in malic acid and lower glycemic than other fruit making them great for us.Granny Apples: High In Malic Acid, Lower Glycemic

Got Granny's ?

Excellent fruit choice. High in malic acid (an essential element for fibromyalgia nutrition) and lower glycemic than other fruit making them great for us.

They are also better combined than any other fruit, when making vegetable juice for example.
Generally use 1-2 green apples per 16 oz. of vegetable combination juice.
Choose organic when possible.

bile movers such as beets are great for the liver/gallbladder , when liver is congested causes pain in the body...Beet Based Detox

Juicing Detox Bile Mover
Raw vegetable juices made at home are essential to healing, detoxing, and getting life-giving fibromyalgia nutrition into the cells. Bile movers such as beets are great for the liver/gallbladder because when the liver and bile ducts are congested, this can cause pain in the body.

50% celery/carrots
25% apple
25% beet 

(When juicing beets for the first time, I recommend using less than 25% and working up to tolerance.  Again, beets are great for moving and cleaning bile ducts, yet we want to go slow to avoid intolerance or GI symptoms)

A cleansing neutral juice recipe without fruit sugarsCleansing Neutral Juice Recipe

A cleansing neutral juice recipe without fruit sugars.
(And it really tastes good too)

Note: Please use organic when possible.
8-10 ribs of celery.
3 medium carrots.
1 medium or two small cucumbers.
1 clove garlic.
1 inch piece ginger root.
Juice of 1 lime.
1 tsp. Unrefined Apple Cider Vinegar.
Optional: A few strands of cilantro for heavy metal detoxing.

Juice and enjoy anytime of day.

Anti-Inflammatory Juice
(with turmeric root)

Turmeric Root great for inflammation.

Easy and great for inflammation, but you don't need a lot of ingredients!!

6-8 ribs organic celery
1 organic cucumber
4 organic carrots
1 organic green apple
1/2 inch slice organic fresh ginger root
1/4-1/2 inch slice organic fresh turmeric root 

Fibromyalgia Nutrition Thru Blending

I like to have blended foods almost daily. Use your favorite protein powder, one that has glutamine for muscle and gut health, and is free of many allergens. (See my Fibromyalgia Supplements page for a discussion as to why I only recommend this brand)  

I mix in low glycemic fruit such as green apple, flax meal, greens for cleansing chlorophyll, etc. When blending, always start with less liquid or water, then add more after blending, to avoid it becoming frothy which can affect digestion. 

Be sure to get enough protein if going vegetarian, as protein is so very essential to fibromyalgia nutrition and to the healing of one's body. Just be sure to follow the essential guidelines on the Nutrition Tips page for the best time to ingest protein as well as the optimal time for 'rest inducing' whole food carbohydrates.

Blending foods/drinks for optimal digestion

Fibromyalgia nutrition thru blendingTime And Place For Both Juicing And Blending

There is a time and place for both juicing and blending. 
Above, I give many suggestions for juicing and how to make it more beneficial.

For this article, let’s focus on blended foods and the best combinations for both synergy and health. I eat a blender drink most days; it's a great choice for fibromyalgia nutrition.

Blending foods and drinks for your fibromyalgia nutrition is the optimal way to start the process of nutrient breakdown and absorption. It can take time to experiment and find what works best, what is both healthy and palatable, and how to make blending more time efficient.

If it becomes a hassle, or we dislike the taste, then we won’t be consistent. 
Also remember that as with anything, the more we do it, the better we become at making it work for us, so keep working at it.

 Tips For Better Blender Drinks

What follows are just a few of my tips for better blender drinks. 

1. Always use variety and continue to try new ingredients. This will keep it fun and interesting. I have personally gotten into "blending ruts" before where I had to change things up and expand my fruit and vegetable variety. This also renews our motivation.
2. When blending, always start with a smaller amount of liquid to avoid the frothy effect and add more liquid AFTER blending.
(The frothiness can occur when too much liquid is used initially and can affect optimal digestion)

3. Always blend protein powders with enough bulk items and fiber such as seed meal. This will create a smoother texture and better palatability. (If you’ve been to any gym, you often see people toting a shaker bottle with protein powder and water only. This might be fine for some people, but I have found that people with sensitive GI tracts really need some bulk in their blended drinks). By bulk, I mean enough fruit and vegetable matter to blend well.

Please note that some people with IBS or digestive inflammation may need to focus MORE on vegetable juicing instead of blending until there is no inflammation present.

Also be aware of using excess fruit. Vegetables, greens, spinach are excellent additions and should be used in greater amounts to avoid blood sugar spikes. A small amount of fruit goes a long way. Generally, ½-1 cup of fruit is adequate.

(One of my tricks is to add about ½ cup frozen green beans to my protein blender drinks. This is a great low calorie addition without lending any vegetable taste; the taste is very neutral and you won’t know they are there!!).

(Note: See my Nutrition Tips page for my favorite allergen free protein powder and other meal suggestions)

4. Adding just a scant amount (a tsp.) of coconut flour is another way to bulken the drinks due to the high fiber content in coconut flour. Other fiber additions include seed meal of any kind including pumpkin, chia, flax or hemp seed.
The fiber additions make for a more evenly blended drink and smoother texture.

5. If starting with ingredients that are not frozen, it helps to add ½-1 cup crushed ice or cubes. I have sometimes forgotten this when using no frozen ingredients, and find that it really affects the taste and enjoyment. Keep it a little cool and

6. Using enough healthy raw fat also gives a better texture. Using half an avocado per drink is adequate and will lend a smoother consistency. Soaked almonds or walnuts also work great and create a nice taste.

"Healthy", raw (unheated) fats are essential for the entire fibro body. They create energy, balance blood sugar and are essential for brain health. The BEST way to start the day, and the best way to fibromyalgia nutrition.

(The avocado pit may also be blended but ONLY WITH A VITAMIX OR A BLENDTEC . A regular blender cannot sufficiently break down the avocado pit and will damage your blender. However, if you do have a Vitamix or Blendtec, know that the avocado pit is an excellent form of soluble fiber, vitamin C and is good for the entire GI tract.) 

7. It’s important that we adjust our palate when creating blender drinks. We want to focus on low glycemic ingredients. Over time, our taste and craving will adjust, and we will start to prefer less of a sweet taste. Even excessive use of stevia, zylitol or other more natural low calorie sweeteners can keep us ‘needing’ that sweet taste. These are also best used in moderation .

8. How do you take YOUR blender drink?

I prefer to take mine with a spoon and glass. I’ve done this for years and it creates a more satisfying ‘meal’ this way.

Be careful if using a straw which can cause gas or bloating if too much air is taken in.

9. Which blender is best? I prefer a high powered blender that will blend anything well. Also with a little more investment up front, we can get an extended warranty. Some brands give warranties up to 7-10 years.

This gives us reassurance and greater commitment to our healthy lifestyle as well.
If your inexpensive juicer or blender breaks down after just a couple years, you may not be invested in buying a new one. Vitamix and Blendtec are my two favorite quality blenders. (See Fibro Kitchen Tools)
That said, any blender is better than no blender.

10. See below for more options when using fruit in a blender drink.

Start blending today. It’s a smart investment for your healthier fibro body and lifestyle.

Blending Recipes  For Fibromyalgia Nutrition

Triple Red AntioxidantTriple Red Antioxidant power

Cherry, Beet and Goji, oh my !!

(Triple Red Antioxidant power)


1/2 serving Protein Powder
(unflavored or vanilla bean)
OR use your favorite non-allergen protein

12-15 tart red cherries (organic and frozen if possible)
1/4 raw beet
1 oz, pure goji extract (Genesis Today is best)
10 blanched raw almonds
1 Tbsp. seed meal (flax, chia, pumpkin, etc.)
2 ribs organic celery
1/2 cup ice 
Just enough water to cover ingredients in blender.

NOTE: Add more water after blending if needed. 

Blend in high powered blender and enjoy your antioxidant 'reds'

Don't throw away that pineapple core.  It's a great addition to any blender protein drink, full of bromelain for anti-inflammatory factors.Use The Pineapple Core

Don't throw away that pineapple core.

It's a great addition to any blender protein drink, and is full of bromelain for anti-inflammatory factors.

I vary the ingredients in my morning blender drink to keep it interesting. My additions often include the pineapple core (also lower in sugars than the outer part) a handful of greens, seed meal, greens, water, ice and your favorite protein powder.  All great fibromyalgia nutrition!

Allergen free and energy full!

What are you blending today?

See suggestions for utilizing Blending & Juicing in your daily routine at Nutrition Tips.

Watermelon Seed Smoothie..Watermelon Seed Smoothie

Watermelon Seed Smoothie..

A great alkalizer and kidney tonic.

I've been enjoying this one for years and it is still one of my favorite healthy drinks for summer!

• 2 cups watermelon with white inner rind and seeds (organic if possible).

• 4 ribs organic celery

• 3-4 ice cubes

• Squeeze of lime

Mix in vitamix or high power blender about 30 seconds or until blended well.

It is best to avoid eating watermelon after meals or mixing with starch or proteins. That is not good food combining and will cause other food to ferment in the GI tract.

Be sure to include the seeds, which are an excellent kidney cleanser. Don't worry, they blend well and give the drink a good texture.

Chocolate Covered BananaChocolate Covered Banana

Chocolate Covered Banana


1/2 serving Protein Powder
(Unflavored or vanilla bean)
1 organic banana
2 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
12-15 raw almonds (first, soak in water overnight and slip off jackets)
2 tsp. hemp seed
5-10 drops liquid stevia or 1 packet xylitol 
1/2 cup ice

Add enough purified water to cover ingredients..

Blend.. Drink...Smile!

Kids and adults alike love the taste of chocolate covered banana, and combined with the healthy protein source of Plantfusion, it makes a great low glycemic, higher protein drink to keep the body in balance.

Low Glycemic Cranberry DrinkAllergen and Sugar Free

Cran-Berry Good

- 1/4 cup frozen organic plain unsweetened cranberries
- 1/2 banana
- 1/2 avocado (also include pit only when using a vitamix or blendtec)
- 2 ribs of organic celery, cut and peeled if needed
- 4-5 dark cherries (optional)
- 1 tsp. ground seed meal of choice
- 1/4 cup water
- 1/2-1 serving of Protein Powder

Always remember to add LESS water before blending to avoid the frothy effect, and then add more liquid AFTER blending if needed.
(Using half cranberry juice also lends a great taste here)

 One serving ..Allergen and Sugar Free....low glycemic and high protein
And, if you would like additional protein that is tasteless and blends well in any high powered blender drink, the one below is the one I use. Good for skin, hair, and muscle health. 

Learn more on fibromyalgia nutrition at Best Diet For Fibromyalgia 

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