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Fibromyalgia Treatment Protocol eBook

I’m very glad to have you with me.

I probably know much about you because I know a lot about the fibromyalgia you suffer with.

The Fibromyalgia Treatment Protocol approach is based on...

  • my experience of living with severe fibromyalgia and its co-conditions for 40-years

  • my training and certification as an instructor in Body Ecology Diet, an advanced level Colon Hydrotherapy practitioner, and a Certified Personal Trainer

  • the toolbox I’ve developed to deal with the symptoms of this complex disease.

What you'll learn

In this book, you'll learn...

  • What Fibromyalgia is and isn't

  • Symptoms, trigger points, and tender points of Fibromyalgia

  • Steps to minimize Fibromyalgia flares

  • How to get relief from Fibromyalgia muscle spasms

  • Ways to reduce environmental toxicity that make symptoms worse

  • The best food types, diet tips, and supplement suggestions

  • Low Impact Fibromyalgia exercise and weightlifting routines

  • and much more!

My success has fueled my passion to share accurate awareness about fibromyalgia and the “tools" for living a better quality of life with all those who suffer from this debilitating, often invisible disease.

 Join me as we open that toolbox and together we begin to... the Fibromyalgia "Elephant" One Symptom at a Time!

- FibroGirl (Lisa)

Get Your 442 page copy of the...
Fibromyalgia Treatment Protocol eBook

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