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My Fibromyalgia Help Protocol Has
Been Tested On Myself And Others! 

'Living Smarter with Fibromyalgia' is not only about the best fibromyalgia help protocols but also about the best working solutions and ways to create more empowerment.

Fibromyalgia is about the opposite of that. It can put limits on everything while decreasing quality of life, joy, and independence. 

I have never used the word 'cure' in relation to my illnesses. I am not cured; I am better conditioned, in mind and body. I am functional on a higher level while living with severe fibro and other illness on top of that.

Now at the age of 54, I truly believe in everything we ascribe to in creating a better quality of life. 

My symptoms started at the age of 9, with severe migraine headaches and chest pain. (Btw, these first symptoms occurred shortly after mercury exposure and house remodeling) This was my first experience with severe pain and yet in my own 9 year old mind, it was often hard for me to communicate how bad the pain really was.
I do remember many times wishing I could take my head off and just 'fix' it.
The intense head and chest pain, the vomiting, etc. I would be in the midst of one episode while dreading the next one. I had developed MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and phase two liver malfunction through exposure to these harmful toxins on my still developing and vulnerable immune system.

Then in my 20's and 30's, I was diagnosed with auto immune disease, fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr virus and CFS/ME. Otherwise known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  M.E. can be more debilitating than fibro itself. I have experienced this personally.

Up to this point, I have had much time to learn, apply and work with others on creating a more functional life while living with fibromyalgia and each of its primary co-conditions (CFS/ME and MCS)

Don't get me wrong here. This has been a long process of trial and error and much application with myself and others living with not only fibromyalgia but other conditions as well. I will never say this is easy. Fibro is complex, but we still have choices as to how we approach our conditions, every day. 

From the age of about 15, I became holistic minded and made it a point to avoid what I saw as a downward spiral of drugs and medications that were not addressing the 'root cause' of disease. That is how I have approached my illnesses since that time. Addressing each system affected and working to increase immune status and a stronger foundation. No worries, this is not about false cures, fibro doesn't work like that. 

In my holistic health business, I have seen many people with various conditions attain better levels of health by also adopting a holistic based lifestyle. I know that it works, not as a cure but as a 'core' support to building a foundation of greater health, whatever we are dealing with.

I personally know the pain of living with auto immune disease, fibromyalgia, environmental illness, etc. And, having an intolerance to pain meds has forced me to find the most effective alternatives to the daily pain and symptoms within fibromyalgia.

I also believe that lifestyle, faith and not giving up on the protocols that I talk about throughout this website are essential to "turning the corner" to better levels of health and lessening of overall symptoms. It can be done. 
My protocols are based on the many holistic treatments, both inpatient and outpatient and various resources that I utilized over many years of working to find fibromyalgia help. 

I have great passion, knowledge and experience and I advocate for awareness and education for fibromyalgia.  I became a holistic health practitioner and personal trainer for this very reason.

I knew that I had 'fibromyalgia help' solutions and I have always been one to share what I know, what works and what empowers others to support their wellness. That is why I am offering my fibromyalgia help, experience and support. 

Visit the HOME page anytime to see the components of our protocols, and then use the Sitemap to easily access articles of interest. 

Fibro-Girl In Belize

As a Practitioner and Fitness Trainer specializing in Fibromyalgia, I work to help anyone with fibro live a better quality of life, and stay fit through education, and safe and effective exercise. I also teach Holistic Nutrition and fibromyalgia help and support protocols for lifestyle management.

The fibromyalgia support I offer includes fibromyalgia treatment protocols I've developed and self-tested that have worked for myself and others.  I do not endorse a cure. However, it has brought my severe fibro pain from a 7, 8 or 9 level to a 2, 3, or 4 level.

I use my own tested protocols such as my MOP (mastery over pain) which allows those with fibro and related conditions to actually REDUCE levels of pain and fibromyalgia symptoms.

We have an 8 week immersive course launching in mid January, which is a compilation of everything we do to support a better quality of life with fibromyalgia and its co-conditions, if interested in getting more details, join our email list by scrolling to the bottom of this article. We will notify you after the holidays. 

Be aware of scammers 

Working with fibromyalgia is complex, and unfortunately there are scammers out there that come in different forms. From fibro groups to people selling false cures/supplement cures, etc. It is very important to be discerning.

I like to say "don't allow your mind, body, and spirit to be exposed to it" My hope is that anyone who comes here will have faith in what we do to help attain a better quality of life. No matter where you are at, you deserve that. 

Having said that, you may or may not be interested in a new page I've added. It is a review of the Company I've used to develop this website. Why would you be interested in that unless you were considering your own website? It's because of why I wrote it. The company is Site Build It!  Many of us just call it SBI.  They don't really need my review and I'm not going to make one penny for writing it.  But, I found out there's an unethical website, Wealthy Affiliates (WA), that pays their affiliates to write bad reviews of their competition and sell WA. Some of those bad reviews are of this wonderful, ethical Company, SBI, I chose in 2013. I just can't let that pass without having my two-cents out there.

I have very strong feelings about unethical behavior and I have to deal with and endure the stress of numerous websites and blogs that copy my content (and images) to put on their sites. So far, I always find out (mostly thanks to you) and take steps to have those stolen pages taken down. My blood, sweat, pain, and tears are in every page I've written; yet, some think nothing of using it as their own.  It really gets "my panties in a wad." With these experiences and my bias against bad ethics, I decided to write my SBI Review.

If you decide to read it, you'll learn one more thing about me. When the fibro treatment protocol I lay out in this website worked for me, I became passionate about getting my message out to as many fibro victims as possible.  So rather than focusing on making money as do most websites, I chose to focus on growing traffic. That's what I've done here online for 6-years now. As a result, this website is now in the top 1% of the 170-million active websites in terms of traffic. Thousands of you come here every day and read many pages. I so appreciate the trust and devotion those numbers stand for.

About 15 years ago at one of my bottoms with fibro. I was working in holistic health, yet watching my own health decline. Helping others, yet feeling like I was dying. I was so passionate about my work and helping others, yet there was a huge disconnect in how to help myself at that time, I just couldn't do it all. 

I had lost my joy, my sense of humor, I had stopped the running that had been my passion for many years. I would cry at the sight of another person running down the street; I craved that feeling.  

I was sitting with a friend one day by the front door and a runner went by. I felt a yearning and said "Do you think I will run again?" My friend said "Yes", but I didn't believe him. I could barely walk up a short hill without severe burning pain and feeling my legs would give out.

It was at this low point that my path began to change. I had always refused to be defined by fibromyalgia. I would get very discouraged having to back out of planned outings or family vacations. I wanted more control over the illnesses that had taken control of my life and my happiness. I had searched diligently for years for better fibromyalgia help, even a cure for fibro.

I call it the “yellow flyer syndrome” days.  It seems I was constantly coming across an ad or a flyer advertising “A Cure for Fibromyalgia!” or some other fibromyalgia help; always, of course, to be disappointed. Finally, one day I found myself sitting in a hole-in-the-wall, basement office of a so called Fibromyalgia Doctor having followed the directions printed on the yellow flyer in my hand.

I was once again disappointed....once again in despair.  This was my fibro low point to which I referred.  I began to realize that I was not going to find a cure for the whole fibromyalgia disease, but, maybe I could find ways to ease or prevent each of the numerous fibro symptoms.  In other words instead of trying to figure out how to eat the whole fibro elephant, I'd “eat the elephant a bite at a time”! 

That’s the path I’ve been on for many years now; looking at potential remedies including mind-body conditioning, toxin-free environment, tailored exercise for fibro people, and the best fibromyalgia nutrition (both diet and supplements) as well as other forms of fibromyalgia help. 

Fortunately, many years prior to that time, while looking for fibromyalgia help, I had become interested in fibromyalgia natural treatments.  This was prompted by my intolerance to drugs, but at any rate, it served me well on my quest for control of my fibro symptoms.  This earlier interest in natural approaches had led me in 1994 to meet Donna Gates who authored “The Body Ecology Diet” book and taught Body Ecology. 

I took her course and acquired an Instructor’s Certificate and began actively teaching the course.  Additionally, I had studied and been Board Certified by I-ACT as an Advanced Level colon therapist and was also active in this field which gave me insight into the requirements for a healthy gut.  So naturally, my first bite of the fibro elephant was in the area of fibromyalgia nutrition (fibro diet and fibro supplements).

I redoubled my efforts to self-test various diet additions/changes, many brands of packaged foods, and supplements, trying them out on myself, evaluating the required amounts or dosages to be effective on me, discarding some, adopting some, identifying manufacturers that I trusted, etc.  

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - Good News / Bad News

Regarding self-testing specific natural treatments to alleviate fibro symptoms, I bring a rather unique aptitude to this effort that contributes to the fibromyalgia help I offer. I have suffered with multiple-chemical-sensitivity (MCS) for over 40-years; that's 10-years longer than my fibromyalgia.  Though "bad news" for me (exacerbates fibro symptoms), it is definitely only positive for you.  You see, toxins in any form or intensity (even mild) affect me severely. For instance, when I run, I can be made sick by "dryer sheet" smells coming from the homes of my neighbors that I run past.

Also, it is essential that clients be fragrance free. However, my sensitivity works in 
our favor when I'm self-testing a potential remedy (a supplement for instance) because I react much more quickly than most people, including those with fibro.  I'm usually able to evaluate foods or supplements in a relatively short period rather than many months it would take a non-mcs person, assuming they could detect anything at all. Remember, I'm not looking for a cure for fibromyalgia; I'm seeking remedies that mitigate symptoms and contribute to my protocol for fibromyalgia help for you.

Also suffering with mcs, I've been able to detect the linkage between environmental toxins and the onset of fibro symptoms.

This is the harsh reality for those of us with severe MCS. Here I am after picking up my husband from the airport along with a suitcase full of hotel room induced fragrances/chemicals. We do have a routine when he returns from his travels, I pick him up only in HIS car, and then the suitcase and clothes get put into plastic bags and washed ASAP in vinegar and unscented or Miracle 2 soap.

This has been my reality since the age of 9. You just learn how to live your best life in spite of it. I live as empowered as I can every day, but my life is not without challenge.

After a toxic exposure, I find that safe and effective exercise is really one of the best remedies ...the best Rx for supporting our lymphatic and immune system! In other words, 'sitting' with symptoms from an exposure can make it worse and last longer..

Fibromyalgia Help Is About Solutions, Not Symptoms

The agenda for this website is to continue to promote and focus on solutions, not symptoms; to offer fibromyalgia help, not symptom talk, because that is what works. If I talked constantly about every symptom I have or have had, this would not help to guide you to a better quality of life. Although we offer many thorough articles on fibromyalgia, pain, symptoms and various parts of the body affected, I often say, keep "symptom talk" in its place. There is a time and place for that, but focusing on symptoms daily will only increase them. I want you to focus on a better quality of life. 

I thank you for believing in something greater than your illness, for being here, and for trusting in the magnificence of the human mind and body. Again, I do not use the word cure for many reasons. That is not my experience. I do live in gratitude and promote my healing by doing so. I like to say, " A smile from the heart is a great place to start." 
< Lisa Curley (Living Smarter with Fibromyalgia and Fibro Fit People) 

Before you leave, my sitemap can provide you with a "God's-eye" view of this website laid out in  "outline format". 

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