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Fibromyalgia and
Regenerative Sleep Hours

Although we talk about fibromyalgia and sleep issues throughout the website, I want to devote this article to one of the often missed variables that can prevent a person with fibromyalgia from getting the healing regenerative sleep they need. 

In our sleep help article, we give suggestions for better sleep with fibromyalgia. We also talk about the body clock throughout the site. 

Regenerative sleep occurs mostly during the dark hours of the night.  If we are always staying up late, we are missing out on the necessary healing and repairing for the body and mind.

But there is another issue that is not addressed often enough regarding exposure to various toxins that might create a "delayed reaction" of sorts.

I will focus solely here on toxins, not exertion reactions. Therefore, this will apply more to those with any level of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. 

Toxin or Fragrance Exposure in Fibromyalgia 

Let's say you go out to do some errands, and while you are out, you decide to stop at the grocery store to get some ingredients for dinner.

You are excited because you are going to make a new recipe tonight, and you have great anticipation that everyone will love it.
Now, as you walk into the store, something seems off, there is a strong smell of something that is a literal assault on your senses. 

You continue on, but it just doesn't go away, so you decide to shop quickly. When you see a store employee, you politely ask them "what is that smell, it's really strong today?" 

They tell you that the floors were just stripped and sealed this morning, and that they do this on occasion to brighten the floors.

Ok, that makes sense. 

You get your few necessary items, rush to the checkout, and right in front of you is a lady wearing the loudest perfume. The line is moving slower than ever.

Ok, you got this. You smile, checkout, and are happy when you get outside again, back to the car, where you can take a deep breath. 

You feel like you did pretty well despite the "assaults" 

Delayed Reactions from Toxins 

Now, first let me say, that not everyone, every time will have a delayed reaction to toxins, but you are not alone if this does occur. 

You got past the initial reactions of the sealant, and the perfume, ok, maybe you felt it in your head or sinus initially, but what if it wakes you out of sleep 8-12 hours later? 

First, don't let these kind of reactions prevent you from doing things you love. The point is to experiment with ways to lessen toxic exposures or the after effects of them.

I've been exposed, now what?

After exposures that could flare our Chemical Sensitivity symptoms, we might need to use some gentle tools, without going into full on detox mode, which can actually make things worse. 

For instance, I have heard people say that they would use a sauna after toxic exposures, and that can be ok, but too long in a sauna can stress the adrenal glands, and cause a rebound effect if we are not careful. 

I've used an infra-red sauna for many years, but I actually use it less often, relying on more gentle ways to detox or help us return to homeostasis. 

Hydration, electrolytes, extra vitamin C, and getting out in the freshest air possible are some of the best ways to combat toxic exposures and lessen or avoid "delayed reactions" 

Or, as I like to say ... "a little sweat, a lot of hydrate" , C, sun and movement. The sun will help with D and serotonin as well. 

The sun exposure also helps to reset our body clock and aid in that restorative sleep that we all deserve in order to function at our best. 

Delayed Reactions in Fibromyalgia video 

In this video below, I am talking about delayed reactions right up front, even though I am also addressing the upper body at the same time, because exposures often manifest even more in the upper body, neck, and around the head. 

Your first paragraph ...

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