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Can Fibromyalgia Contribute to 
Eye Pain ?

It is important to note here that not all eye conditions are attributed to fibromyalgia, but some symptoms in the eyes and face can be exacerbated by fibromyalgia. 

I often say that fibromyalgia tends to be equal opportunity in regards to the areas and systems of the body affected. Yes, fibromyalgia has the ability to contribute to eye pain, and I will detail some of these ways here.

However, we always like to extend a caution that we should all get our eyes checked regularly. We don't want to miss another condition.  

Let's examine a few possible factors in
Fibromyalgia and Eye Pain

Ocular Migraine

Living with chronic migraine since the age of 9, I certainly understand the pain of headaches. You might often hear me say in our video interactives that "this is the area where we think, express ourselves, and interact with the world around us" 

When a migraine started, I would often lose my vision or see black spots in front of my eyes, greatly impeding my vision.

I remember the first time this happened in the fourth grade. We were walking in single file back to the classroom. By the time we got back to class, I was seeing those big black spots, and this time, vomiting as well from the intense pain. 

Yes, migraine is common in those of us with fibromyalgia, and although ocular migraine may be less common, it can be part of our fibromyalgia symptoms. 

Fibromyalgia, Trigger Points, and Eye Pain

Trigger points can occur anywhere around the body. They tend to occur around muscle and connective tissue. When we have trigger points around the head, this can cause pain in the face, sinus area, jaw, and the eyes. 

Stress can contribute to trigger points. The head and neck just happen to be a place where we hold stress. More on trigger points here

Thyroid and Eye Pain 

If you start noticing more pain behind your eyes, this could be a number of things, but it could also be related to a thyroid dysfunction.

Although we treat thyroid issues more holistically here, it is a good to know that continued pain behind the eyes may indicate a need for greater attention to our thyroid. 

Lights and Eye pain 

Does glare seem to bother you more? Do lights seem very bright to you when they are not too bright for people around you?

Light sensitivity is a common symptom in fibromyalgia. Although it can be related to many other things like heavy metal toxicity in the body, it is best to avoid eye strain from florescent lights, driving at night, or being on screen devices too long every day. 

Insomnia and Eye Pain 

If a lack of restorative sleep is an issue for you, then you likely notice an effect on your eyes. When our body restores at night, that means every part of our body.

Our eyes have a great need for restoration. Without proper sleep, my own light sensitivity is greater, and I will need sunglasses more on an overcast day. 

Whether it's insomnia, or simply staying up too late, our eyes can pay the price. Avoid screen time at night as much as possible. 

Visit the The Body Clock in Fibromyalgia anytime. 

Screen Time and Eye Pain in Fibromyalgia 

Be sure you set your blue light filter on all of your devices.

This will help lessen your exposure to the blue light from screens every day. If you are not sure how to do this, search for your particular device and follow the instructions. It is very easy to do on a cellphone. Go to your settings. 

Avoid too much screen time every day by setting your hours ahead of time.

Facebook even has a way that you can monitor your time. I set mine for three hours. If I am on  more than three hours in any one day, it will tell me about it. Time is up. 

What about CBD oil and Eye Pain? 

Because we have the endocannabinoid system of the body, we have many receptors all over our body. CBD oil can help to reduce inflammation, therefore supporting eye health. 

If you scroll back up slightly to the Sunsoil Organic CBD ad, you can take advantage of trying the Sunsoil products at 20% off.  Sunsoil is an amazing company and they are giving our followers 20% off all first orders. 

We also like using astazanthin for inflammation, and you can check out our ABC's of treating inflammation naturally here. 

Histamine Issues and Eye Pain 

Some of us who have fibromyalgia, also have issues with histamine.  This can create an intolerance to certain foods "high on histamine" as I like to say, or even some foods that can exacerbate histamine, like some citrus fruits. 

Also, nasal congestion can contribute to eye pain, and although we don't want to use anti-histamines every day, we need to avoid congestion in the body by avoiding mucous forming foods,  and by avoiding toxic indoor environments. 

Epstein Barr Virus / CFS ME

If you also live with the Epstein Barr virus like I have for many years, you likely know this can contribute to eye pain. CFS/ME is one of those handful of inflammatory factors I often talk about in regards to fibromyalgia.

There can be inflammation around the brain stem, and you might have more symptoms in your head and face with Epstein Barr, and CFS/ME. 

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