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Fibromyalgia and Light Sensitivity

Are you sensitive to bright lights, glare, reflections, or flourescent lights? 

You are not alone. Fibromyalgia Light Sensitivity is a common issue for many of us. I talk about this in our vision article, but let's expand on it more here. 

Sensitivity to light has a connection to the hypothalamus in the brain, which also has a connection to fibromyalgia. Many of us notice that our fibromyalgia light sensitivity has increased as we've gotten older. Maybe you stopped driving at night, or at least not driving too far.  

Those bright oncoming headlights can really pose a problem. 

Recently, the city was doing construction on one of our local freeways. They would work at night to avoid the daily traffic congestion. They used very bright lights set up high over the freeway. This lasted for about 6 months, and at one point I determined that never again would I drive that stretch of the freeway at night!! 

The bright overhead construction lights made it nearly impossible for me to see the road and the white lines on the freeway. It's like they weren't even there. I realized it just wasn't worth it for me to drive that area at night. 

Loud Fluorescent Lights 

Why do I say LOUD? Well, if you have experienced light sensitivity to fluorescent lights, you likely know what I mean. I have struggled with fluorescent lights in school, workplaces, bathrooms, and in stores.

From UV radiation to anxiety, these lights can really pose an issue for many of us, and you have likely encountered this. You might feel anxiety around these type of lights and not make the connection, until you look up that is !! 

When I had to sit for one of my national exams, I was overwhelmed by not only lights overhead in the classroom, but a room full of computers. Let's just say that I have always been ultra sensitive and aware of dirty electricity. You likely have as well. 

Photophobia ?

I refrain from using the term "photophobia" even though it is simply described as a sensitivity to light. I don't think this is a good name due to the "phobia" term. A phobia is a fear of something. Light sensitivity has nothing to do with fear. 

Like you, I want accuracy in depiction and understanding of all symptoms. This is one of our first goals here in our website. 

Fall Reflections 

Have you noticed that the direction of the sun in the sky as the seasons change can cause reflection issues? 

I notice a great deal more reflection of light as I am driving when the seasons change, especially coming into fall. I had a couple days recently where the sunlight was reflecting off of everything, the car in front of me, the steering wheel, signs. 

What about overcast days?
I am one of those people who actually has more light sensitivity on overcast days than on sunny days. It can cause pain around our eyes, and eye lids when we try to focus outside on an overcast day. It could also instigate headaches or migraine. 

Adrenal Stress 

Stress on the body can affect every system, including the eyes. This is just one more reason to work on controlling stress in our lives. Have you ever noticed that when you have been really stressed out, that your head and eyes really feel it?

In our Adrenal Stress article, I address MANY different variables and things we can do to better manage stress on the body, heart, and adrenals. It all works together really. 

Screen Time 

Be sure you have set the Blue Light filter on both your phone and your laptop. 
This will help to protect your eyes and your body's natural ability to properly create its own melatonin. 

As for screen time, I personally try to stay off screens from 8pm to 8am, and although it doesn't always work, I keep working at it. 

Nutrients for the eyes 

Lutein is a critical eye nutrient that we often talk about, and if you are over 40, it may be even more important for you, as aging eyes tend to have issues with focus and adjusting from dark to light. 

Astazanthin is another nutrient we use for inflammation, and can be very helpful for every part of the body including the eyes.  

Beta Carotene is important for eye health, and I like to obtain carotene from the yellow and orange vegetables. My vegetable juicing article gives many suggestions for juicing vegetables and getting in those critical nutrients. 

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Before you leave, my sitemap can provide you with a "God's-eye" view of this website laid out in  "outline format". 

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