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MTHFR Gene and Fibromyalgia

What do amino acids, enzymes, the MTHFR gene and fibromyalgia have in common? More than you might think!

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Fibromyalgia Nutrition: Blending And Juicing

Juicing for fibromyalgia nutrition strategies and recipes for both Juicing and Blending are provided by Fibro-Girl.

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Fibromyalgia Symptoms List (Extended)

Fibro-Girl presents her extended fibromyalgia symptoms list where each symptom is itself a link to a specific treatment protocol.

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Restless Leg Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Restless leg syndrome is another condition that can lead to frequent sleep disruptions for people with fibromyalgia.

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Allodynia and Fibromyalgia - Types, Treatments and My Experience

If you want to understand allodynia and fibromyalgia, try to imagine a world where the gentle touch of a loved ones hand causes excruciating pain.

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Treatment For Fibromyalgia With Serotonin

In Fibro-Girl’s treatment for fibromyalgia protocol, she provides a sure-fire, science-based way to improve your serotonin level (mood), sleep, and vitamin D.

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Life with Fibromyalgia Chest Pain

Fibromyalgia chest pain can be one of the scariest symptoms of fibromyalgia because it may feel like a heart attack and make people worry that something else is going on.

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Fibromyalgia Muscle Spasms - Finding Relief and Minimizing Them

While there is no way that you can prevent fibromyalgia muscle spasms all together, you can learn to recognize them and minimize their occurrence.

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Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia Pain

More and more people are choosing to try acupuncture for fibromyalgia pain management.

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Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Exercise Protocol

Did you know that fibromyalgia chronic fatigue syndrome requires an additional and separate protocol for exercise?

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Candida and Fibromyalgia

Candida is a systemic fungal infection and if both candida and fibromyalgia are present, it can be an exacerbating factor in the fibromyalgia.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Fibromyalgia

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and fibromyalgia are often co-conditions.

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What is Fibromyalgia (and What Is It Not)?

People are often confused and ask what is fibromyalgia because they simply don’t understand what this diagnosis means.

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Dysautonomia Syndrome in People with Fibromyalgia

Unfortunately, many fibromyalgia sufferers experience at least one form of dysautonomia syndrome and it can be a very serious problem for them.

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Costochondritis Pain from Fibromyalgia

Costochondritis pain is just one of the symptoms that may be experienced by people with Fibromyalgia and can be very scary.

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Histamine Intolerance and Fibromyalgia

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, you may want to test whether histamine intolerance may be contributing to your symptoms or the severity of them.

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Living With Fibromyalgia Requires Adhering To Our "Body Clock"

Living with Fibromyalgia requires adhering to our “body clock” in order to get the regenerative sleep needed to control primary symptoms such as pain and fatigue.

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Fibromyalgia Headaches

Mediation of fibromyalgia headaches require that many common factors must be addressed in order to lessen the severity and frequency of occurrence.

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Need Fibromyalgia Sleep Help?

Fibro-Girl provides sleep help for the 13 reasons you can’t sleep with fibromyalgia.

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Fibromyalgia Leg Pain

Do you suffer with fibromyalgia leg pain that is associated with the tender points? We often refer to them as POINTS, but they are actually more like AREAS.

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Fibromyalgia Knee Pain Treatment

Do you have fibromyalgia knee pain? Read Fibro-Girl's protocol for managing this fibro symptom.

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Fibromyalgia Pain Is Unique

Fibromyalgia pain is unique due to its severity, complexity, and multiple systems involved.

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Coping With Fibromyalgia Requires That We Deal With Stress

Coping with fibromyalgia,depends on how effectively we deal with stress

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Nutrition Tips And Food Planner

Nutrition tips for planning the best diet for fibromyalgia.

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A Treatment For Fibromyalgia: The Next Best Thing To A Cure

A fibromyalgia treatment for the “whole you”, using a successful protocol developed and self-tested by fibro-girl.

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The Best Diet For Fibromyalgia

Are you confused about the best diet for fibromyalgia? I do believe that the best diet addresses inflammation, toxicity and nutrient absorption.

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Fibromyalgia Trigger Points

Unlike the well established 18 “tender points”, a map of a patient’s fibromyalgia trigger points might often look like a war zone!

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Step Away From The Insanity

Be careful about what you read and buy into regarding fibromyalgia. There are many sides to the mistruths that circulate regarding fibro and co-conditions.

The first thing we must be mindful of is not getting into the "misery loves company" mindset and feeding that mindset. There are fibro pages that do this every day, and if you follow them, that is feeding the mindset. These are the "all or nothing" type of messages telling you that you will never be better than you are today, and in fact, it will only get worse, so hold onto your seat, you are in for a miserable ride. AND you were dealt a horrible hand in life, so deal with it!!

Another side to this coin is the various multi level marketers who prey on people with fibromyalgia for profit, understanding nothing about how to treat and approach fibro.

What about doctors who give a loose diagnosis only to "cure" that which wasn't really there. Yes, that is out there too. And this of course leads to people who were misdiagnosed telling you how YOU too can be cured of fibro.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this insanity is this wonderful "grey area", it's called "Living Smarter With Fibromyalgia" A place where we tell it like it is, where we work hard to create the most accurate depiction of fibromyalgia, AND the very best approach to living with fibromyalgia. I know this as a practitioner and fellow fibro person living with fibro for almost four decades now; I practice what I preach. And you know what? Practicing what we preach and using discipline and determination when we live with any chronic illness, that is one of the keys to opening a life never imagined. How could you imagine it? You've likely been living with it and approaching it a certain way for so long now that there seems like no better way.

So there again is this magnificent "grey area" we call "living smarter" No need to make fun of it OR belittle it in some way (that just plays into the misery loves company mindset again). If you have multiple conditions, like myself, not just fibro, but also myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic debilitating fatigue, arthritis and any auto immune illness along for the ride, then everything we ascribe to here in the website will be of even greater value for you, in every way.

Sometimes, people want to debate, but what is there to debate? This is not about some "pink cloud" of temporary wellness or placebo effect that makes you feel hopeful for a moment. This is REAL life. We are talking about a better quality of life here, not a false cure.

I ask you: What if your fibromyalgia pain and symptoms could be more like "background noise" instead of "in your face" demanding your attention 24/7? It can be done, but we must step away from the insanity. Fibro-Girl

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms and Fibromyalgia

As with fibro flares, those of us with CFS will also cycle into chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms due to stress, weather, trauma, or lowered immune resistance.

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Natural Remedies For Fibromyalgia

Fibro-Girl's natural remedies for fibromyalgia can help to mediate symptoms when utilized consistently.

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Fibromyalgia And Chronic Pain Management

Fibromyalgia pain Is inevitable, suffering Is optional with proper chronic pain management.

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Is Guaifenesin for Fibromyalgia the Answer for You?

Guaifenesin for fibromyalgia protocol is supported by medical notables and thousands of successful fibro patients; but others say, "too hard".

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Joint Health And Fibromyalgia

Joint health concerns are not uncommon for those with fibromyalgia since many have joint involvement of some kind.

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Fibromyalgia Medication Efficacy and Side-Effects

Fibro-Girl presents common fibromyalgia medication efficacy and side-effects.

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Fibro Fog Support

Dealing with fibro fog requires all of the lifestyle habits, tools and intake of essential nutrients need to be evaluated to increase brain health.

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Iron Rich Foods

The safest way to get adequate iron is through iron rich foods.

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Fibromyalgia Upper Back Pain

Compression for the upper body can bring relief for fibromyalgia upper back pain and also aid in better posture.

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Why Fibromyalgia Pain Is Unique

We all know the chronic pain that comes from suffering with fibromyalgia.

But our pain is unique. Learn the importance of understanding your pain in a more specific manner.

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Treatment for Fibromyalgia Using Myofascial Release

Treatment for fibromyalgia using myofascial release can be one of the most effective tools for fibromyalgia pain.

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Best Books on Fibromyalgia and Other Resources

The most helpful books on fibromyalgia and other resources that Fibro-Girl has used.

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A Bit of Hope and Encouragement

Living with fibro and more since a young age, now 47, my main goal is not only to bring a more accurate depiction to fibromyalgia and related conditions but also to EMPOWER everyone living with fibromyalgia. In the website we are dedicated to bringing the best information regarding all of the systems affected and all of the various symptoms within fibro.We also work to bring the most updated information, research and relevant articles.All that is great and yet ...what keeps me "on fire" and passionate about what I do is my approach to this complex condition. I've been there; I get it from inside, outside, from every angle as both practitioner and patient. This is my calling ...Oh yeah...I tried to push it (my calling) away, believe me ... so when people try to "judge" me and assume because of my approach that I don't "get it" well it breaks my heart a little bit.Why wouldn't it ?I mean, I could be doing what I am doing in the fitness world without focusing on fibromyalgia. But I believe that all of us living with fibro need and deserve a better quality of life....I've been there and even with a better quality of life, I never say fixed or cured ... it just doesn't work like that.From severe fibro symptoms to debilitating migraines to full body spasms, major surgeries, joint issues, hysterectomy .....Yeah ... I get it ...I get the challenges...I don't want to just have good days and bad days...I want good days and better days...Even BEST days !!Today is one of those days ...on fire ..passionate ... smiling at the world... in love with wellness and the potential that we all have inside of us ...I got a condition called severe gratitude !!!! I hope not to "lose" anyone with this kind of post, but it needs to be said, people need hope from others who have been there in severity...Fibro is not a death sentence yet HOW we approach this condition will determine our quality of life and our outlook. When we can create enough of our own pain killing endorphins in a safe and effective way, when we can build on every blessing... well that is such a gift ... A gift we give to ourselves ...As I often say... thank you for being here and believing in your greater magnificence!!This is an awesome community!!www.Living Smarter With and Fit People.Lisa

New Discovery In Fibromyalgia Research

See Fibro-Girl's pages about any recent new discovery that could lead to a new treatment for fibromyalgia.

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Fibro Kitchen Tools

Various fibro kitchen tools to facilitate Fibro-Girl's recipes, blending, and juicing are described.

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Fibromyalgia Natural Therapy: Intentional Grounding

With constant exposure to stimulants in our environment, people with fibromyalgia need to practice a natural therapy I call “intentional grounding” or “time-out”.

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Fibromyalgia Symptoms Are Real !!

Fibro-Girl shares her fibromyalgia symptoms protocol for eating the "fibro elephant" one symptom at a time.

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Treatment For Fibromyalgia With Vitamin D

Treatment for fibromyalgia “D-ficiency”! Get tested. Get optimal absorption and work on reducing levels of pain, reducing symptoms. THAT is living smarter.

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Mindbody Epigenetic Inheritance

This potentially detrimental mindbody issue takes place when trauma causes bio-markers to be passed forward from one generation to another.

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Fibromyalgia Research: Cancer Study Provides Hope for Fibromyalgia Victims

Fibromyalgia research into the latest work in post-cancer pain offers hope for FMS and CFS victims.

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When Drinking Water Isn't Enough For Hydration

Hydration of carbohydrates and proteins play an important role in our body processes such as assimilation of food and the transmission of nerve impulses.

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