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Nutrient Malabsorption

We need to avoid malabsorption which depletes precious nutrients from our fibro bodies. This is essential. How exactly are nutrients depleted? Would you believe that adhering to the conventional ‘food groups model’ can be dangerous to your health and proper nutrient absorption

It is important to understand that through the process of digesting foods like acid forming grains, grain flours, processed foods and sugars, our system attempts to ‘buffer’ these acids and must ‘draw’ from the body and skeletal system to do this.

Fibromyalgia is complex in that it affects SO MANY systems in the body and all of these (brain, endocrine, nervous, GI tract, musculo-skeletal, etc.) depend on adequate vitamin and mineral uptake. 

Eat More Whole Foods

For example, the musculo-skeletal system is dependent on a proper ratio of calcium, magnesium and vitamin K for healthy muscle contraction and bone health.

The endocrine system depends on the vitamin B family, as well as antioxidants like vitamin C and selenium.

In order to keep and maintain healthy nutrient balance on a daily basis, we want to choose more whole foods in their natural and unadulterated state. Start by avoiding the ‘cereal’ aisle while shopping at the grocery store.

This is one of the most over-rated yet most unhealthy aisles in the grocery store. Remember that grain manufacturers and producers have done a good job advertising in the name of brainwashing and profit. It doesn’t matter how many vitamins they claim to put in their cereal, if the body cannot absorb it properly. The convenience of a cereal bar today, will lead to inconvenience later on when our health is adversely affected.

Nature’s nutrients are properly manufactured and assimilated in the way that the body recognizes and utilizes. Getting the proper ratio and absorption of nutrients through whole foods allows for greater satisfaction as well. The body WILL start to crave more real foods when  given the chance and not swayed by foods that only create cravings and malabsorption.

Additional Tools To Avoid Malabsorption

Some additional tools to aid in proper digestion and absorption also include digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, cider vinegar, proper food combining (avoid combining proteins and sugars especially), avoiding too much fluid intake with meals AND eating foods that are compatible with our individual body type.
NOTE : Digestive enzymes are helpful but should not be relied on long term. Instead focus on eating more RAW and living foods AND if there is any difficulty in digesting raw foods, be sure to combine raw and cooked to ease digestion of raw fibers. 

Giving the fibro body what it needs is the first step to attaining greater levels of well-being. Not a cure, something better. A chance to live better and smarter and positively affect ALL parts of a heal-thy body and mind. See, if it wasn’t fibromyalgia, it would be something else. So, let’s do the best we can to feed and assimilate the very best nutrients into our cells consistently and allow our bodies the best thriving chance at wellness.

For better digestion and assimilation of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

The adjacent picture shows a natural pancreatin enzyme made from vegetable source. This also includes broad spectrum enzymes protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase. 
For better digestion and assimilation of protein, carbohydrates and fats. 

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