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A "Smarter" Oil Pulling Method
And Excellent Toothpaste

Dr. Gingers coconut oil toothpasteDr. Gingers Coconut Oil Toothpaste

So you might have heard that bacteria build up in the mouth is detrimental to the entire body, right?

What can we do to combat this harmful bacteria? 
Because we work hard to avoid “endocrine disruptors” of various kinds, we also don't want them in our mouthwash and/or anything that touches our face or mouth.

If we have fibromyalgia and possibly a compromised immune system, we cannot afford to be any further compromised by either bacteria OR by chemicals or alcohols used to mitigate the bacteria.

Oil pulling is an easy and effective method of naturally destroying the bacteria in our entire mouth (between our teeth, around our gums, and on our tongue)

All conditions respond to a healthy mouth

Prevention of all disease is about removing as many of the potential causative factors as possible. 

If you or anyone in your family suffers from heart disease, oil pulling is an effective and non-invasive remedy to controlling the harmful bacterium, known to be one perpetuating factor in this condition.

Have you ever smelled the combination of bad breath (bacteria) AND mouthwash on someone's breath? 

I sure have, and it is not pleasant. Not only is that smell terrible, but it is an indication that mouthwash in general is not effective and has questionable ingredients as well. 

We want to get our mouth, teeth, and gums as naturally clean as possible. 

Let's be more consistent in our 
Oil Pulling

Other oil pulling techniques usually advise that either coconut oil or other recommended oils be swished in the mouth for a period of about 20 minutes. MOST people will not do it that long.

That is longer than we really find necessary, and not convenient for many people.

My technique shortens this time, and can be done while getting ready for the day in the morning before breakfast, or at night while getting ready for bed.

This way we can avoid boredom.  I started doing it this way because most people will not “swish” for the recommended 20 minutes and will quickly abandon this excellent method of oral hygiene.

My technique for oil pulling

I have a technique that I use for oil pulling that works well and makes it easier to be consistent. 

Allergic to Coconut oil?

(Coconut oil OR any cold pressed oil can also be used anytime) 

It is optional to combine with a very small amount of 3% hydrogen peroxide that is appropriate for using as a mouth rinse and commonly found in any drug store.  Just a few drops. 

If you don't care to use a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, then using a small amount of quality salt is good as it is a great cleanser. 

Simply put one tsp. of cold pressed oil in the mouth, continuing to swish in the mouth for at least 3-5-minutes. We generally use coconut oil, but I have a friend who uses goat ghee for oil pulling. 

The “chewing” helps to really get the oils in between the gums and teeth better than just swishing. The mixture will “foam” slightly in the mouth.  

This procedure will also help to ‘draw out’ mucous from the back of the tongue and throat area.  After the five minutes, simply spit out the foamy mixture (in a lined trash can) and brush or rinse teeth as usual. 

Never swallow the oil mixture, this is filled with bacteria. 

I actually do 1-2 salt water rinses after spitting out the oil. 

Other Oral Suggestions

Try this coconut oil toothpaste below here (same one shown at the top of this article) Dr. Gingers coconut oil toothpaste is great tasting and helps to SAFELY brighten your smile. 

We've done many giveaways that have included the Dr Gingers toothpaste, and I've never had a negative response, in fact, I have also used it for years, and love the mild taste, with just enough foaming action but no SLS. 

Try the oil pulling method I detail above by starting with just a few minutes and work up as you can. 

Note: Never swallow the “swishing” mixture as it is loaded with bacteria. (Also remember that the above technique is a 'swishing' and not a 'gargling', although it can bring mucous out of the throat area)

  • I should add that other oils are also useful for “pulling”.  A couple of them are sesame oil and neem oil.  However, I developed the more readily available “coconut oil capsules/peroxide” method to reduce the normally recommended time for “pulling” from 15-20 minutes to less than 10-minutes in hopes that you will be more consistent in applying it. 
  • Those teeth whitening strips you may see on the market are often made of toxic ingredients that we do not want to be absorbing inside of our mouth and bodies. A safer alternative is to rub a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of baking soda into teeth, do not brush, just rub with finger or cloth into teeth for 1-2 minutes, then rinse.

  • Always change out your toothbrush after being sick. In fact, if you catch a cold or flu, change out your toothbrush every 2 days then once again after recovering to avoid transmitting germs back into mouth and body. Alternatively, you can soak the toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide

Tongue scraping

Scraping the tongue is also necessary. However, using a real tongue scraper is most effective.

Some toothbrushes have a "tongue scraper" on the back of the brush, but that is not generally effective. 

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