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Fibromyalgia Natural Treatment:
Thinking Outside The Box

Conventional ways of dealing with fibromyalgia have obviously not worked so well for most people.

Drugs, pain relievers, topicals. All of these are merely putting a band-aid over the problem and not addressing the ROOT issues.

Fibromyalgia Natural Treatment Addresses
                      Toxicity And Deficiency                        

Two of the aggravating factors in the disease model are Toxicity and Deficiency.

This goes for Fibromyalgia as well. This does not mean however that if we fix all of our deficiency and toxicity that we will be ‘cured’. 

No, its more about decreasing the toxic load on the body while addressing nutrient deficits and other issues that may be contributing to symptoms, pain and a general sense of un-well-being.

Does it make sense to be existing for the rest of your life on high doses of toxic meds?  

Most people that I talk to and work with are adamant about NOT staying dependent on drugs. They at least want to find ways to use ONLY the lowest effective dose of any medicine.  That is key.

We all know the harmful physical effects on the body when taking drugs every day (Toxicity to the liver, kidneys, GI tract, etc.)  

Yet what about the ongoing effects on the brain? The instant fix mentality? The lessening of tolerance to pain? The lack of resolve when drugs affect the healthy functioning of the brain?

Yes, we have to learn how to better think AND act outside the common box.  

First, I want you to start thinking..” What if doing the same thing I normally do wasn’t a choice today?”  “What if I was forced to do something differently?”  

See, we are conditioned to live, think and act a certain way. And yet, when it stops working for us, we don’t often question why and what we can do to think for ourselves.

Second, I suggest thinking about what might be the root cause of the pain and symptoms, even if you have no clue right now, keep an open mind.

The mind wants to divert your attention and creates pain to intercept what is really going on.  

It could be festered emotions, limbic system dysfunction, lack of control in your life, anger, resentment, OR there could be a cellular deficiency that needs to be addressed through a fibromyalgia natural treatment, a cleaner diet and quality supplementation. 

Only in the case of a trauma or a recent accident that perpetuated the pain, should we be thinking quick fix or a response to ‘getting through’ the immediate pain.

Again, I am not all or nothing, one hundred percent anti-drug, I do believe there is a time and place.

However, when those lines become blurred, we can too easily become dependent and lose the ability to attain greater levels of healing by not addressing the root cause. 

Society does not ask us to think and act outside the box; that is important to remember.

We must understand that this way of living is not always common place. Why? Because when you are in pain for instance, the people around you want to ‘fix’ your pain for you; they feel helpless.

It also brings them down on some level so they will often ‘support’ you in taking the quick fix.

We have a choice... Are we willing to go through whatever it takes to learn how to live smarter with fibromyalgia?  

It can be done.

Not every day will be perfect yet when we use enough of the right tools, we can affect healing and have a sense of satisfaction in our choices to live, think and function at a higher level.

Continue to believe in your magnificence and follow the fibromyalgia natural treatment protocols that I describe throughout this website.

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We have a choice to be stronger and be willing to go through whatever it takes to learn how to live smarter with fibromyalgia.

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