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Fibromyalgia and
Delayed Reaction Symptoms  

If you are living with fibromyalgia and its primary co-conditions, you likely experience things that may be very foreign to those on the outside. 

One of those often misunderstood symptoms is what I call "delayed reactions". 

This can occur when we are exposed to some toxin, stressor, or stimulant, and it may or may not cause an initial reaction, but then later we can suffer the consequence of that delayed reaction. 

For me personally this often occurs when I am exposed to things like laundry toxins and chemical fragrances in close proximity to me. 

It is not uncommon for delayed reaction symptoms to wake me in the middle of the night after an exposure the previous day. 

Symptoms of Delayed Reactions 

Symptoms that can occur in fibromyalgia delayed reactions include: 

  • Headache 
  • Nausea
  • Neck pain
  • Brain Fog 
  • Eye or Face pain
  • Increased soreness (tender points)
  • Radiating pain (trigger points)
  • Over stimulated nerves 
  • Temperature Dysregulation  
    And more. 

Example Causes of
Delayed Reaction Symptoms 

Causes of delayed reactions can be due to an emotional or environmental stressor.

Sometimes we can handle a small trigger but when they multiply, that is similar to what I refer to as The Straw Theory (too many "straws" broke our camels back .

This could include exposure to any emotional stressor, environmental toxin, or stimulant. 

For many with fibromyalgia it is stress from social or work pressure, fragrances, bright flourescent lights, noises, laundry toxins, prolonged sitting or standing, too hot or too cold, or exposure to smoke particulates in the air. 

Delayed Reaction Symptoms
or Fibro Flare 

Sometimes it is hard to tell if what we are experiencing is an actual flare, or if it is a delayed reaction that may be as intense or even more intense, but may not last as long. 

It is good to know what our individual triggers are, even as they may change over time. We may find some triggers intensify, while we have more resilience in others. Yes, that is possible. 

More information on Fibro Flares and how we handle those  .

How can we handle
Delayed Reaction Symptoms better?

It is not always easy because not all delayed reactions are the same. I have some interesting ways of handling delayed reactions but its not always perfect. 

It helps to increase blood flow in the body because during an acute exposure to toxins or stress, our bodies and breathing will tend to be stifled.

Out of desperation, I created some really effective breathing techniques, when many other techniques seemed to increase my adrenaline,
I needed to be able to bring it down. 

These trainings are in my members group, if interested, send me a message through the facebook page. 

Our goal is to feel empowered, not defeated, because during a delayed reaction, it can feel defeating (often because in the moment you felt ok, and then you feel like you are "paying for it" later) 

But see, I don't like to come into agreement with the words "paying for it". That just seems defeating and like it will always happen. 

We want IT to pay us.  "But Lisa, how in the world can we do that?" Well, it starts with not buying in to those repeated phrases, and finding ways to get out of a flare or delayed reaction sooner. THAT is empowering, even when it's not perfect. 

Proactivity is a tool in itself.

When we are being proactive, we are focused and believing for our best. Follow my videos anytime by visiting the video section of the facebook page, check titles, there is much information and encouragement there.
Fibro Bodies/Living Smarter with Fibromyalgia 

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