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The Best Anti Inflammatory Diet for Fibromyalgia

An anti inflammatory diet helps to reduce one of the underlying causes of systemic inflammation

The goal with any healthy fibromyalgia diet program is to ingest and retain MORE essential and healing nutrients and to reduce pain and symptoms caused through ongoing deficiency. 

We must address inflammation in the gut by adopting and adhering to an allergen free diet. Although we are all individual, there are some common food allergens that need to be eliminated to attain greater levels of healing.

Because much of our immune response is connected to our gut, our immune system suffers when inflammatory AND mucous forming foods are ingested on a regular basis. 

This is often the underlying cause of digestive disease, IBS, malabsorption and a leaky gut. Auto-immune diseases and endocrine dysfunction are often directly related to the environment within our gut and GI tract. If inflammation is present in the GI tract, this can inflame the delicate tissues of the thyroid and other endocrine glands.

An Anti Inflammatory Diet Must Be Mucous-less

Avoiding allergen foods in an anti-inflammatory diet is important for many reasons. 
Yet a main concern in the case of Fibromyalgia is that excess mucous in the body can lead to more pain.

What happens when the digestive tract comes in contact with an allergen food? 

The body immediately sends out the ‘response team’.  This "team" generates lots of mucous in order to protect the body, the GI tract, and stomach lining.

But it doesn’t stop there. It continues to generate mucous that can increase pain and symptoms in other areas of the body, creating systemic congestion, and resulting pain in joints, muscles and vulnerable organs.  

So in many ways the body is intelligent, but just like in the case of auto immune illness, there are times when the body turns on itself in the name of self-protection, or so it thinks.

As mentioned before, some of the biggest offenders are gluten, dairy protein and processed foods. Grain flours of all kind (gluten or gluten free) are some of the greatest contributors when it comes to inflammation and mucous formation, not whole foods.

Grains should always be germinated for best digestion, not merely ground into flour and expected to digest properly. Refer to Best Diet for Fibromyalgia article here in site. (Please note that we can "salvage" some of the grain through preparation techniques, refer to SITEMAP under diet section for diet-grain-free)

Chocolate can be a mucous creator for many people, as well as spicy foods, hot peppers and the like. Some packaged foods contain gums and additives such as guar gum that can be mucous forming. Dairy products can be mucous forming but not for everyone. You might experiment with various forms of dairy or non dairy alternatives, again being aware of additives. 

Also, when it comes to food sensitivities, you could do an allergy test and be negative or positive for certain foods yet because of any sensitivity in the GI tract, the body could generate excess mucous to calm the fire of those foods.

Read more here about Anti-inflammatory Foods

You might read in a magazine article that spicy foods will rev up your metabolism, yet that is not the case for everyone. Stay aware of the foods that might be causing this reaction. We can start generating excess mucous even before swallowing the offending food. So awareness is key.

Whole foods for the whole you.Whole Foods for the Whole You

The Spark Of Life

The first step towards an anti inflammatory diet and the most beneficial food plan is a gluten free and casein free diet. Gluten is the protein in wheat and casein is the protein in dairy. Both of these proteins are destructive to the digestive tract and the entire body.

These proteins can attack the body in people with auto immune disease, arthritis and fibromyalgia. This creates an attack on the ENTIRE body

Also, adopting a total grain free diet is optimal after a certain period of adherence to a gluten free diet. Just be sure to take it ONE step at a time.

The goal is to stop ‘drawing’ minerals from the skeletal system, muscles and organs that need these to function properly. Minerals are ‘the spark of life’ - Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, etc. We need to retain them.

Grain irritation and what about dairy?

Another obstacle to an anti inflammatory diet occurs through the fibers in grains that are irritating to the GI tract. This is not the right kind of fiber.

There are high levels of toxins in many grains as well as phytic acids, both can be damaging to the endocrine and immune system and create deficiency. We are better to utilize the fiber in whole foods than in grains. Fiber and water from whole foods is ideal. This creates balance in the body and GI tract.

By the way, concerning dairy, we can "salvage" some of the healthful components in dairy while still eliminating the casein. Ghee is a great alternative to regular butter. The dairy protein is removed. This form can be used therapeutically to aid in healing a leaky gut and/or used in recipes like regular butter. Raw cream is also an option. Low fat 

dairy is too high in dairy protein and without the fat we cannot absorb the calcium properly anyway. Dissecting nature affects nutrition balance. Keep this in mind when committing to an anti inflammatory diet.

If you are looking for an an easy to digest source of protein to enhance your blender drinks, this bone broth powder below is the one I use and it is tasteless and easy to mix, when mixed in a high powered blender. Good for skin and muscle health. 

Vegetable juicing and inflammation factors

There are many reasons why I continue to advocate vegetable juicing at home. It can be a very effective way to combat inflammation.

Read more here and check out my recipes including how to utilize fresh ginger root AND fresh turmeric root for juicing. This is an optimal and safe way to get these inflammation fighters into your diet and blood stream. 
Vegetable Juicing with Fibromyalgia. 

Some other common food allergens that can be suspect include corn products, legumes (especially peanuts), shellfish, citrus and egg whites.  Additives such as food coloring and MSG are highly reactive and need to be eliminated. Refer to the SITEMAP for the article on "Leaky Gut" or click just below on the link.

Two co-conditions that can benefit from the information on this page are:

Preparing food at home becomes essential if we are to control what truly goes in our bodies and have an anti inflammatory diet. Creating non allergen recipes may take some time, effort and trial and error yet the rewards are great. Refer to my suggestions and resources listed in the Navigation Column or click

Before you leave, my sitemap can provide you with a "God's-eye" view of this website laid out in  "outline format". 

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