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Fibromyalgia and the Importance
of Blood Flow

How many people do you know that often complain about cold hands and feet?

I would bet either you or someone you know suffers with cold extremities, often caused by a lack of good blood flow throughout these areas. 

But what about blood flow around other areas of the body? it's not just the extremities. 

Could some of the symptoms in fibromyalgia be exacerbated by less adequate blood flow around the organs of the body, like the heart, and liver, and around the muscles, and blood vessels

Yes, we know that is just another issue that can exacerbate fibromyalgia symptoms. 

In fact, whether you have fibromyalgia or not, healthy blood flow should be a priority due to many of the health conditions that we deal with today. 

It will give us an advantage to overcome other diseases that arise in our physical world on a regular basis. 

Nitric Oxide 

You may have heard of nitric oxide. What exactly does it do to help blood flow in the body?

It is a molecule that works in the blood vessels, helping to dilate and constrict, which aids the heart and healthy blood pressure.  

Many aspects of good health correlate with nitric oxide. The foods we eat, the movement we get, and getting restorative rest at night. 

Note: The foods and supplements we like for increasing Nitric Oxide are covered just below here as well as other important therapies that we use regularly. 

Let's talk about some therapies we use at home first that are essential for healthy blood flow. 

Lymphatic Flow versus Blood Flow 

Although blood flow and lymphatic flow are different, I do believe that they greatly support and rely on each other.

The blood depends on the heart to keep good circulation through the body, but the lymphatic system doesn't have a pump of its own to keep the lymphatic fluids circulating.

That is why we need to use methods to stimulate the lymphatic system, and you can read more here
about the lymphatic system

Hot/ Cold Therapy 

One of the best therapies we can do at home is hot/cold therapy.

It is common to use a cold source for 20 minutes and then a heat source for 20 minutes at a time. However, it is also fine to use less time as you adjust. 

If I am doing my knees for instance, I like to sit on the side of the bathtub and with a washcloth in hand, I saturate the cloth with cold water, put it around my knees, then run the hot water, saturate the cloth and do the same. 

For this method, I use only a few minutes for each. I do this for a total of about 10-15 minutes. This really increases blood flow, and it just feels good. 

Foods that increase Nitric Oxide in the body 

Foods that support nitric oxide production include beets and celery. The only issue with taking straight beet juice is that it can move bile too fast for some people and may cause digestive issues like bloating, it may not be right for everyone. 

There are supplements that are highly promoted on TV and in the newsfeed, like beet powder, and yet, working as a colon therapist for many years, I look at individual tolerance, liver and gallbladder health, detoxification pathways and more. 

Straight beet juice is not right or effective for everyone. 

Not every supplement is right for everybody, no matter how many claims they are making. With certain substances, we need synergy from other nutrients to make it safe and effective. 

Use vegetables like beets sparingly but with consistency, for better tolerance. 

Visit our Vegetable Juicing Page for great suggestions that I share, as an avid juicer for over 30 years. 

Nitric Oxide Supplement 

Below is our favorite nitric oxide supplement. I have found it to be very pure, containing the very best ingredients. And, it will last awhile.

Always start with a lower dose when adding new supplements, some people will start with half a capsule or less. For many supplements, it is more about consistency than dosage, especially if you are sensitive. 

Blood flow and Sugar

If you live with fibromyalgia, you are likely more aware of how your body feels when you ingest too much of anything, including sugars. 

When our heart is working over time due to stress, staying up too late, or ingesting too much sugar, this prevents proper blood and oxygen flow around the heart and entire body. 

The addictive qualities of sugar make it just as hard to get off of as drugs, alcohol, or any other addictive substance. And, being that food is the most accessible of all these drugs, it has become even more challenging to eliminate sabotaging habits. 

This is a topic we are diving deep into during our upcoming 8 week course. If you're interested in more details, get on our mailing list (bottom of this article) and we will email you details just before the course launches in  mid January. 

The Oska Pulse 

What is the Oska?
If you have seen me talk about it in videos, you know that it is just one part of out toolbox.

The Oska uses a technology that helps to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and help to promote healthy blood flow.

I've personally used the Oska device for 3 1/2 years now.

To get 55.00 off, you can simply go up to the top of this article, when you see the yellow banner with the Oska words, just click on that and use that link. The discount will be given at checkout. 

The Oska Wellness team is very helpful, and you can visit their website and call them directly during the week.

If you decide to try it, let them know that Lisa from Living Smarter with Fibromyalgia sent you, and that you would like to get the discount, and any other questions you might have answered. 

Read the files on Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and more. 

I've done a few videos exclusively on the Oska, in the VIDEO section of the facebook page. 

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