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Effective Forms of Magnesium
for Fibromyalgia


Have you taken magnesium for your fibromyalgia?

And if so, have you experimented with various forms to best suit your individual needs? There are some specific symptoms within fibromyalgia that can benefit greatly from the right form of magnesium. 

If you have not experimented with all the various forms of magnesium, you could potentially be missing out on the form that is most effective for your fibro may not have mitigated some of your symptoms to the maximum extent possible. 

Some common symptoms of 
magnesium deficiency 

A magnesium deficiency can exhibit many symptoms that we also have in fibromyalgia itself, so we don't want to miss this one variable. 

Common symptoms of magnesium deficiency include irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, fatigue, high blood pressure, muscle cramping, nerve pain, and more. 

Maybe you noticed vertical ridges on your fingernails? That could be a sign of aging and/or magnesium deficiency. 

Although magnesium in its various forms is not a "cure all" for fibromyalgia, it is like any other essential element, and when it is missing or deficient, our fibro bodies can suffer the consequences to a greater degree.

The right form of magnesium can aid in reduction of muscle pain, muscle cramping, excessive nerve pain and restlessness, calm the body and mind and it also works synergistically with other minerals.

Calcium must be in balance with magnesium. When taking a calcium supplement, always be sure it has the 2:1 ratio of magnesium to balance. 
(refer to the calcium and vitamin K article for more information on our favorite whole food calcium supplement that is both safe and effective)

Also note that magnesium supplements should not be used at random by those with kidney disease. Always consult with your doctor first. Have your magnesium, calcium and vitamin D levels checked as needed. 

Testing for magnesium deficiency 

Your doctor may have tested you for a magnesium deficiency and everything looked normal, but it might not be telling you the whole story.

A more accurate way to test for magnesium deficiency is through intra-cellular testing done with a RBC (red blood cell) magnesium test. 

You can request this test at your doctors office or go online. Life Extension is one that we have recommended for various testing and supplements over the years, and they can test for many other things as well. 

Magnesium is simply one of our body’s most important minerals. Magnesium is shown to affect many processes within the body including normalization of blood pressure, metabolism, nervous system, oxidative stress, inflammation, insulin resistance and more.

Work with your dosages and your doctor if needed to find your effective dosing amount. Some will be fine with 100-200 mg. per day while others might need up to 400 mg. up to tolerance. 

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 bio-chemical reactions in the body. Including bone and cardiovascular health, mood and  more recently, greater benefit has been discovered in relation to cognitive function in the brain.

This also correlates with information we convey in the Fibro Fog article (a link to this page is available at the bottom of this article) regarding the best supplements for brain health.

An alternative to oral magnesium

Before we go into other forms of magnesium, I want to offer an alternative magnesium oil. This particular one does not burn like some do, and just 20 sprays a day (rubbed into the bottom of the feet, then put socks on while sleeping) is a daily dosage.

Easy to use, and cost effective. Yes, it will last you a long time. Helpful for anxiety, muscle spasms, and pain in muscles and joints. 

What form of magnesium for fibromyalgia is best for brain health?

It is difficult to maintain adequate levels of magnesium in the brain.

Especially for older adults, as magnesium deficiency has been found to increase with age. Brain fog is a growing epidemic these days. Aging with fibromyalgia or any chronic illness can exacerbate brain fog and increase the need for magnesium. 

L-Threonate has been found to be the form of magnesium that actually targets the brain and nervous system.

magnesium glycinate 

Have you tried the glycinate form of magnesium? 
For well being, better sleep, and muscle health. With these capsules, you can start at 1 (which is 100mg.) and go from there, making it easy to find your tolerance. 

What about magnesium for fibromyalgia
in the form of citrate? 

Life Extension Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate is a common dietary supplement form of magnesium. Generally well absorbed into the bloodstream and very cost effective, however individual tolerance may vary.

When it comes to oral magnesium, it’s good to err on the side of caution and if GI upset occurs, then refer to the various forms of topical magnesium below.

Malate forms of magnesium 

For energy production in the body and ATP. The mitochondria is the energy center of our cells, and this is where energy can be compromised in fibromyalgia and CFS/ME. 

Liquid Ionic Form of Magnesium for Fibromyalgia

liquid ionic form of magnesium for fibromyalgia

One of my favorite ways to get magnesium and trace minerals, is the liquid ionic form of magnesium for fibromyalgia is also ideal for people who may not tolerate conventional forms of magnesium but require a supplement to address deficiency.

Concentrace (also found on the supplement page and adrenal health page) is a great alternative to pill or powder forms of magnesium. Put this in your water and you are done. Try the smaller size first for less than 10.00 

What about topical forms of magnesium?


What if we could absorb our magnesium better through our skin? We can, and it has been shown to be more efficient than oral supplementation; it is more quickly absorbed and assimilated into the blood stream and nervous system.

Topical magnesium works quickly and more efficiently to restore magnesium levels, improve mood and reduce aches and pains. It also calms overactive nerves and relieves stress.

Ancient Minerals brand contains an ultra-pure form of naturally occurring magnesium chloride and other trace minerals.

There are a few quality brands that supply magnesium in an easy to apply form. 

Ancient Minerals brand contains an ultra-pure form of naturally occurring magnesium chloride and other trace minerals.

As discussed in the Adrenal Health article, flakes or salts can be used as a foot bath when a full bath is not an option or time is a factor.

We absorb well through our feet, so using magnesium salts in a foot bath is a very effective option.
For Fibro-Girl’s favorite bath or foot bath recipe, click here and scroll down to my Happy Adrenal Bath Recipe.

Also, because magnesium and malic acid work together, you can read more here about malic acid 

When we better absorb our nutrients, less can be taken, making our regimen not only more physically effective but more cost effective as well.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand the thought of wasting money on ineffective supplements. Experiment to find which supplemental forms of magnesium for fibromyalgia work best for you.

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